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Zaheer Danka is extremely passionate about developing entrepreneurs.

CEO and Founder of ZAD Consulting Zaheer Danka is extremely passionate about developing entrepreneurs. ” I want to empower and assist upcoming entrepreneurs so that they can unlock their true potential” said Danka. 

Zaheer caught the entrepreneurial bug from a very young age, today he owns an industrial company, an online retail store, his own consulting company and has own restaurant with his wife in Durban. 

“I really want to see young entrepreneurs succeed in this country, I have always said that your results in life are in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put into your actions, which is simply determined by the number of limitations you place on your thoughts, our youth are incredible but we need to fix the way they think to truly change society.”

Danka has been running his consulting business for a while now and assists individuals and businesses with business plans, cash flow projections, forecasts and business systems, he also offers auditing, paralegal, labor and advocate services.  

Zaheer believes that people sell themselves short and never really tap into their true potential, he believes that people need to find a reason to progress and grow, they need to find their own why. “We need to establish the WHY on a personal path in order to find our true calling. Each person is gifted with their own unique abilities and emphasis needs to be placed on the importance of exploring it fully.”

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