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We need to build our youth into great business people.


Founder Tasneem Hoosen Mia is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and building young people in South Africa. “I think our youth are incredible, they are talented, intelligent and ambitious. However a lot of them never amount to anything great because there is no platforms to build the talent and refine it into something sustainable.” 

She has just launched the Islamic Business Network (IBN) which is a entrepreneurial programme aimed at developing tomorrow’s business leaders today. The Programme is for all races and faiths however the programme is modeled on Islamic principles like charity, ethics, honor and sustainability. 

“I have been working on this platform for a few months now, it’s extremely exciting for me to implement the model and change the lives of thousands of young people in the country.” 

IBN has a mission to help entrepreneurs to develop and improve their lives through business. The sole aim of IBN is to reduce the number of SMME’s that fail in SA. They believe that if more SMME’s exist, that will provide for more circulation of money and better cash flow for businesses which will improve the economy and reduce unemployment.

They plan to directly and positively impact the lives of 100 000 people in the next 10 years.

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