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Shezaadee Gattoo plans on innovating the make up industry in 2020!


Make up artist and socialite Shezaadee Gattoo has just recently launched her make up website called Match Me Make Up. The website is just phase 1 of many phases which she believes will innovate the industry in South Africa. ”Africa and SA were never ready for what I’m about to launch into the market, this concept will revolutionise the way the public looks and interacts with make up products.” 

MATCH ME MAKEUP(MMM) is an innovative, forward thinking company with a keen focus on the creation and use of cutting-edge innovative technology that aims to revolutionise, influence and ultimately dominate the beauty industry on a global scale.

The website will stock all major brands as well as other local brands, her main aim is to support SMME businesses in South Africa and new start ups. “YSL started somewhere, so did MAC, if we don’t support our new brands they will never be given the opportunity to grow and scale.” 

“We are not just an online platform we are an empowerment platform with a mission of paramount importance. Our mission is to empower individuals to excel in all aspects of their lives, be it personal or professional. We aim to ensure that every person, in particular female/women look and feel like the very best version of themselves at ALL and ANY given time with the simple use and application of makeup that will be uniquely customised to their particular features.”

Shezaadee will be announcing phase 2 of the brand in mid 2020 with a special mobile application being released. 

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