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Zakeer Gani, 23, plans to make his company the largest independent cosmetic house in South Africa come 2020.


Zakeer Gani, 23, plans to make his company the largest independent cosmetic house in South Africa come 2020. He is a Director of a company called Kolorz which offers unique products by staying ahead of the game and importing the latest trends in makeup from a number of different countries across the globe. They cater and maintain a high end, professional and classy image. The company has recently launched a new line of cosmetics under its own name. Kolorz products are now made in Germany and Italy.  Zakeer will be opening the next Kolorz store in Greenstone Shopping Centre later this year. 


Gani has extensive financial knowledge through his educational background where his vision for Kolorz is to be the largest independent cosmetic house in South Africa by 2020. He plans on achieving this vision by growing the company’s footprint throughout South Africa by means of social media advertising and online exposure. “At Kolorz, we understand the value of social media and network marketing. We truly have something incredible at Kolorz. I just want to make sure that South Africa gets to experience top of the range service and products, even when it comes to online shopping.” 


Kolorz was established in 2013, with the opening of the first branch in Potchefstroom. They have been Kryolan stockists since the opening of the first store in Potchefstroom. They also stock other big brands such as GHD, Joico and Golden Rose. Kolorz is also the only retail store in South Africa to offer brands like Morphe and BH Cosmetics. Other than international brands, Zakeer plans on growing South African makeup brands under the Kolorz umbrella, to give them more exposure to the everyday consumer, and to give local brands more confidence to grow their footprint.


“It’s important that young people start becoming more innovative and find gaps in the market, not just in South Africa but globally as well. I have huge ambitions and goals to move South Africa forward in relation to this industry. I think customer satisfaction and customer service is also so important and we have created processes to make sure that our whole company is run according to these values and standards.” 


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