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Opulence Jewels enters the African market with elegance and distinction


Recently established Proudly South African luxury brand Opulence Jewels has just entered the South African and African market.

The pieces all have the elegance and quality of refinement as a high end luxury brand however they are reasonably priced to meet the needs of Africa. Owner and founder of Opulence Jewels, Shezaadee Gattoo believes in providing an experience for every single piece of the collection. “At Opulence Jewels we believe in creating memories. Every relationship is a connection of human + emotion. We believe in celebrating human connection and creating lifelong memories with beautiful symbols of quality unique statement jewellery.”

Opulence Jewels believes that there is a huge gap in the market for the brand to take ownership of. “We appreciate that beautiful individuals covet beautiful jewellery but the value and quality offered in the retail industry, are polarised. Consumers either have to pay extremely exorbitant amounts to receive quality unique pieces or they have to settle for imitation jewellery. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the two by providing high end luxurious quality jewellery at affordable prices.” says Shezaadee

Opulence Jewels uses custom packaging together with unique quality collections, they offer consumers the fabulous and luxurious experience they deserve and desire. Through the use of quality .925 sterling silver, they create unique, modern and minimalistic elegant pieces that evoke an emotion in their clients. Their brand embodies love, passion, desire, success, power, ambition and genuine feelings of self-love and self-worth.

The reason they have opted to utilise .925 sterling silver is due to its versatility, sophistication and timelessness. Burned in the earth’s crust, silver has been recognized worldwide as a precious and valuable metal which has been mined and marvelled since its initial discovery. Used initially as a form of currency, silver has historically been a symbol of wealth and status. Expressions like ‘born with a silver spoon in your mouth’, or ‘served on a silver platter’ illustrate the metals wealthy connotations.

“By using sterling silver, we guarantee that our pieces are durable, practical and hypoallergenic. Our pieces can be worn for a casual brunch with friends, or to add an elegant touch to any event including a formal dinner party. Our pieces are certain to become a treasured part of your collection that can easily be passed on from generation to generation.” Says Gattoo

To order a piece from the Opulence Jewel collection, get into contact with them on the social media platform Instagram @opulence_jewels_sa

A taste of luxury. A desire for distinction.

Every piece tells a story.

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