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Motivational Speaker Tracey Reign Releases Her First Book

Tracey Reign releases Black Colours of the Rainbow

Women empowerment and youth leader Tracey Reign has just published and released her first book titled Black Colours of the Rainbow which is a poetry book, showcasing various poems written and published  by the youth leader on topics and moments that inspire her.

She says “ When God said: ‘Let there be light’, I appeared to craft humans into existence with him. The power he gave to me lies in my tongue. My love for writing began the moment I was born. From that day I realized my words can build, turn frowns to smiles and bring forth tears that birth joy. The words in this book speak to women, men and the art of love. The themes intertwine with our humanity and though I have not lived for long, I have seen so many women cry, men hiding their emotions and young girls wondering what beauty is. My reason for writing this book is that words have a power and when they are left unsaid, they can kill a soul. I hope you discover after reading this book that words can birth the light you are after.” 

The book has three main sub headings which are femininity, belief and love. Three things  that are extremely close to her heart and what she really believes in. “These three things can change the world and inspire millions of people to become the best that they can be.” – says Reign 

Black Colours of the Rainbow is available at Exclusive Books and online at Generational Wealth Education

Her book is currently available at Exclusive Books Sandton City and Benmore Gardens with the book being available nationwide within the next few weeks. You can also purchase her book online on Generational Wealth Education. Use this link to purchase the book:

Tracey will be part of the GWE Team that will visit schools and universities nationwide in 2021 as part of an empowerment drive to build and develop future leaders and improve the general standard of the youth in the country.    

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