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Mochachos Braamfontein is impacting lives while being innovative.

Mochachos Braamfontein changing lives.

According to #WorldFoodDay millions go hungry in South Africa every day. On average about 13 Million South Africans experience hunger in South Africa each day.

Mochachos Braamfontein wants to bring awareness to this massive issue but through something fun and entertaining. 

Do you think you have what it takes to eat 4 burgers in 30 mins? If you can, your bill is on them. 

Well Muhammed Gutta , Director at Mochachos Braamfontein decided to innovate the business by adding something fun and challenging. “It’s all about the experience, people want to have a great experience when they are consuming food. It’s simple.” 

They have also introduced a WhatsApp business line to make transactions with customers more easier and more efficient. They also offer free delivery, all of these processes have improved customer convenience.

The main aim here is that they want to bring awareness to the importance of feeding the poor, through this initiative , a percentage of all of their subsidiaries and contributions go towards their own feeding scheme where they feed hundreds monthly. 

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