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Cellular Healing can change South Africa and reduce deaths – Marlene Schwark

Marlene Schwark believes cellular healing is the future.

With the high number of deaths in South Africa due to terminal illnesses like cancer ,  Alternative Wellness Coach Marlene Schwark believes that cellular healing can reduce the number of deaths drastically. “If we spend more time healing our bodies and understanding that what we do and how we feel is all controlled by the brain and the mind, we can actually prevent a lot of stress and many illnesses.” Cellular Healing, helps with the negative incidents that we experience that settles into our bodies and mindsets, causing what we call diseases. Using NLP, subliminuals and mentoring, you are able to work with your sub conscious mind to release anger, hurt, stress, over coming divorce, a death etc.

Marlene owns a company called Your Moment In Time which offers alternative wellness treatments and courses. Along with products for your general wellbeing. Healing natural oils and sprays. She specializes in working with women and teenagers but offers her services to all ages. 

She also has her own classes including a natural ear drainage masterclass and treatment. This relaxing therapy helps with sinus, glue ear, assists with hearing, tintuts etc. 

Her company offers other services and treatments as well such as Lymphatic facial drainage with facial reflexology, ear reflexology, an Indian Head massage, as well as myofacial massage,which leaves you feeling more centered, focused and de-stressed. She also does Body assessment, iridology and a relax massage. She also offers Lymphatic body drainage. 

Visit her website for more information.

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