Melika Razavi

Normally when you think of a profession associated with a drop dead gorgeous woman you usually associate her with being a model, actress or social media star however this not the case for Cape Town based Miss Global Iran 2016 Melika Razavi. Melika is actually a professional poker player having played poker all around the world. She has just won a major competition in Barcelona a few months back. She is one of very few women in the poker space and when asked on why this is the case she emphasized “Poker has always been a predominately male game but as a woman who does not just want to participate but win you have to have the mindset of a winner regardless of your gender.”

Razavi is also a magician having done live acts with superstar boxer Manny Pacquiao and also showcased her talent on South African reality show Clifton Shores. She is a professional MC and motivational speaker, Melika will be embarking on a nationwide tour with Zareef Minty, Jabulani Ngcobo and Candice Modiselle called the Generational Wealth Education Tour 2019 where she will be speaking to numerous schools and young men and women at universities all around South Africa in 2019.

Melika is also extremely passionate about health and fitness, she will be spending time teaching the youth how to eat healthy and take care of themselves on the Education tour. She held the title of Miss Global Fitness and has aspirations to become the World’s Most Powerful Woman listed by Forbes Woman. She is also an ambassador for Coin Poker.

Follow her @melirazavii on Instagram.

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